What are your rates? Per hour, per day, per week? Is there a minimum cost?

Our rates are always competitive and reasonable, but we don’t rent hourly. The rates may vary from project to project, and we are able to accommodate most recording budgets. Contact us for a personal quote on your recording project.

Do studio costs include the use of all available instruments?

The simple answer is yes. But depending on your booking, some of our vintage drums are available only by request. Please note that if you need fresh drum heads you will need to provide them yourself.

Will you rent the studio out by itself so we can use our own engineer?

Yes, you can book the studio with your own qualified engineer. We will always have an assistant engineer to help new engineers get familiar with the studio workflow.

What’s the best way to book time?

Please reach out to us via our Contact page.

Do you do mastering?

We do not master, but we do work with several very talented mastering engineers. After your songs are mixed will be happy to help find the right mastering engineer for your music.

Where are you located?

We are located in North Hollywood, close to the 5 and 170 freeways, 15-20 minutes from Hollywood. See the map on our Contact page.

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