Dave’s Room Recording Studio monitors and is current with all city published COVID-19 safety guidelines. We have also made many procedural and physical modifications of our own to ensure the safety of clients and staff moving forward:

· Dave’s Room Recording Studio is currently monitoring and adhering to all California state and Los Angeles County guidelines.

· Only clients with appointments are admitted into the studio.

· Hand sanitizer is located immediately upon entry to the building and throughout our facility.      

· Facemasks must be worn by everyone who enters the building. New masks are available if needed.

· Employees are instructed to regularly wash their hands with soap and water for no less than twenty seconds.

· Our cleaning and maintenance teams are using bleach, disinfectants and appropriate cleansers on all work surfaces to ensure safe working environments

· All of our employees must maintain 6 ft distance from colleagues and clients. Only 2 people are allowed in the control room at any time

· All shared hard surfaces (e.g. countertops, chair/door handles, light switches, telephones, appliances in lounge, etc.)  are wiped and disinfected between sessions. 

· Clients are asked to supervise sessions remotely, when possible.

· Pop filters, mics and headphones are cleaned and sterilized after each session.

· It is recommended that talent bring their own headphones with a quarter inch plug to use in studio.

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