Compassionate People

Hey All,

I was reluctant to make this post in light of the tragedy in Connecticut . It seemed like discussing studio news would be in extremely bad taste. After further consideration though,  I thought bringing attention to an example of love, kindness and compassion that’s happened recently might provide a little light in the darkness.

On Tuesday and Wednesday (Dec 11 & 12), Lucinda Williams, Jakob Dylan, Steve Earle, Joe Henry and John Doe came in to record some songs on behalf of Slim Dunlap who suffered a stroke last February. They were backed by an outstanding bunch of musicians; Jay Bellerose, Pete Thomas, Jennifer Condos, Val Mc Callum, Greg Leisz, and Patrick Warren.  The project is the brainchild of Peter Jesperson who plans a New West release of a series of limited edition 45s. All the tunes are Slim compositions. Peter  also plans to release a Replacements EP which will be the the band’s first release in 22 years. Proceeds are to go to  Slim’s care and medical bills. It was wonderful of everyone to drop what they were doing and rush to help.

It was an honor to host these magical sessions. I hope everyone will grab up these records.

Here’s to Slim, his family and all these lovely caring folks.

Right on Peter!



  1. Well done Dave

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